Transmission & Reliability

Model and Calculate AFC/ATC Values

The Available Flowgate Capability (AFC) module within OATI webTrans provides unified transmission reservation, validation, and evaluation, and also calculates AFC values, Available Transmission Capability (ATC) values, and Available Shared Total Flowgate Capability (ASTFC) values using native OATI webTrans transactional data. OATI webTrans then posts the data to OASIS in report format, allowing transmission customers to view and archive the results. The AFC and ATC modules in OATI webTrans allow Transmission Providers (TP) the ability to manage transmission availability on flowgates as well as contract paths.
These modules help customers model, manage, and record transmissions across flowgates and contract paths. They also automate the time consuming — but necessary — process of posting flowgate and contract path computations and reports to the OASIS archive.