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Get Smart about Energy Trading Data

OATI webIntelligence helps energy traders gather, organize, display, and analyze data, understand trends and correlations in Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP), and even forecast future events to better conduct their business.
OATI webIntelligence helps users discover opportunities by detecting correlations between time series data.
OATI webIntelligence puts users in the driver’s seat, letting them create custom tabular or graphic reports based on any data in the system. OATI webIntelligence also offers a built-in advanced forecasting service to predict LMPs based on historical data or forecasted loads. Using meter and weather data, OATI webIntelligence will automatically export the forecasted value to an external system (such as OATI webTrader). OATI webIntelligence can also be configured to automatically import data into the database, or users can upload their own data through a web service.