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Directly Connect to OATI Data Centers

OATInetPlus provides a redundant, scalable, secure, private, and reliable connection to the OATI Data Center. OATInetPlus also offers a backup routing path to the OATI Data Center via a customer’s existing internet connection. A customer’s responsibility for support ends at their local network because OATI’s support team addresses all issues related to accessing services.
Each OATInetPlus link is dedicated to a single company’s project. Links are only established between customer sites and the OATI hub site, and every link is its own network with its own IP subnet and interface address. To accommodate the new OATI cloud architecture, OATInetPlus connects each company to all OATI data centers, without need for multiple connections.
With OATInetPlus, redundancy is built-in. OATInet provides set bandwidth, while OATI-VPN Backup adds resiliency. Both paths are secure and private. Fast and automatic failover means an end to connection problems. OATInetPlus is the next generation security, privacy, and redundancy solution for a company’s connection needs.