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Get Comprehensive Situational Awareness of Your Distribution System Down to the Grid-Edge for Real-Time and Planning Operations

OATI webGridManager™ is an advanced Distribution Grid Management System that allows for real-time situational awareness extending visibility and control from primary distribution equipment to grid-edge devices and assets. It combines a comprehensive modelling of the distribution grid and topology, with modeling of the various grid-edge distributed energy resources (DER) while taking into account their technical capabilities and commercial constraints, to enable the distribution grid operator to optimize the distribution grid operation. It enables the utilization of behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter DERs for grid reliability and resiliency.  

OATI webGridManager™ leverages OATI’s IoT SCADA to provide cost effective real-time data acquisition and control, along with detailed three-phase modeling of the distribution grid, and advanced geo-spatial visualization.
OATI webGridManager™ securely integrates with clients' operational and enterprise systems to seamlessly extend the distribution operations capabilities to support the emerging grid of the future requirements. 

As a component of the OATI webSmartEnergy suite, OATI webGridManager™ provides the foundation of a Distribution Management System including detailed modeling, power flow analysis, situational awareness, violation management and optimization. It can complement or replace an existing DMS, ADMS, or CVR/DVR solution. As a foundational tool webGridManager can also be a great standalone system for utilities with no DMS tools at all.