About Us

Advanced Microgrid Development

The OATI Microgrid Technology Center is a state-of-the-art microgrid, which showcases cutting-edge technologies, such as Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power (CCHP), Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and wind generation, energy storage, and sophisticated microgrid control and optimization software.

When planning the development of OATI’s new campus in Bloomington, MN, ensuring reliable power to keep our mission-critical data center running at all times was the main priority. Ultimately, it made sense from both a reliability and economic standpoint to build our own microgrid so we could utilize on-site generation more intelligently and efficiently, rather than simply having back-up power for emergencies.

The main difference between the OATI Microgrid Technology Center and other commercial office buildings is that OATI will generate its own electricity as the primary source of power. The building is powered by:

  • Natural gas turbines: 600kW Capstone C600 natural gas burning microturbine. Paired with absorption chiller and heat exchanger for CCHP
  • Solar: 150kw rooftop solar array, with additional expansion array planned
  • Wind: 24kW of vertical axis wind turbines
  • Electricity storage: 231kWh, at 125kW Ensync battery rated power and energy
  • Generator: 1500kW of diesel backup generator
  • Utility connection: Connected to local utility Xcel Energy

Through the experiences and the knowledge we have gained on this project, we are also better able to design systems and solutions to help our utility customers adapt to the significant industry changes brought by increasing Renewable Portfolio regulations. We have shown that the technology works and can be used for buildings like ours and other microgrid installations across the globe, including municipal and private utilities, police and fire departments, hospitals, airports, seaports, military base, and manufacturing facilities, just to name a few.

To learn how OATI can help you with microgrid development, contact sales@oati.net