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Streamlined Interactions from End-to-End

OATI webEIM gives Balancing Authorities and generation owners the tools necessary to thrive in the CAISO Energy Imbalance Market (EIM), ensuring ease of data entry, management, and monitoring. OATI webEIM delivers a streamlined approach to EIM interactions from end-to-end by providing all of the data interfaces, process automation, and reporting that an EIM Entity or Participating Resource needs to stay competitive. 

This comprehensive and configurable solution incorporates all necessary functional needs to three types of EIM Participants — EIM Entity Schedule Coordinator (SC), EIM Participating Resource SC, and EIM non-Participating Resource.

OATI webEIM provides:

  • Management of market awards including tracking of GHG related awards
  • Detailed position reporting
  • Comprehensive data interfaces, process automation and reporting with the CAISO EIM
  • Flexible and powerful calculation capabilities
  • Integrated shadow settlement capabilities
  • Complete audit trail to track the history of each transition


Harnessing CAISO EIM Benefits for a Sustainable Energy Future

OATI webEIM provides market participants with the tools they need to fully participate and enjoy the benefits of the CAISO EIM.

Software Automation is the Bedrock of CAISO EIM

OATI webEIM is the answer to the need for a CAISO EIM software solution that seamlessly automates the most challenging CAISO EIM market operations.

Pushing the Boundaries of Operational Efficiency

The timely management of interchange schedules, shadow settlements, bid-to-bill calculations, and all the other CAISO EIM time-sensitive operations can be overwhelming. That is why OATI webEIM is highly scalable and extremely nimble to provide operational optimization to CAISO EIM market participants.

OATI webEIM solution for the CAISO EIM integrates with your existing systems to help you take full control over your energy imbalance charges.

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