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Energy and Transmission Accounting Software

OATI webAccounting is a powerful and flexible energy accounting software toolkit that helps Transmission Providers and Balancing Authorities build a customized energy accounting interface and report builder to meet their unique needs. Built on a high-performance calculation engine, this energy accounting software uses its powerful market interface module to easily communicate with RTOs and wholesale power markets. This flexibility allows for the management of multiple tariffs, including the Transmission, Markets, and Services Tariff (ISO Tariff) also refered to as the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT).  

With access to e-Tag, Scheduling, OASIS, and meter data from OATI webTrans or other environments — as well as a settlements-quality calculation engine with extensive computational capabilities and a flexible interface — OATI webAccounting makes data more accessible and actionable throughout complex account reconciliation and invoicing processes.

OATI webAccounting is a centralized, web-based accounting platform that provides value for the entire company. The solution’s flexibility, ease of configurability, and seamless integration are combined with a complete audit trail for each modification to ensure confidence in every report.

OATI webAccounting features:

  • Comprehensive arithmetic calculations
  • Logical operations, such as "if-then-else"
  • The ability to use base data from a variety of sources
  • User-defined interfaces available to capture schedule data
  • Time-dependent calculations re-defined with differing time profiles
  • Reporting engine for electronic or hardcopy reports
  • Flexible object model to represent any time series data and its attributes
  • Rule-based engine

OATI energy accounting software has been implemented by customers responsible for more than 145,000 miles of transmission line across the United States and Canada. OATI webAccounting customers benefit from the solution’s forward-thinking, high-performance calculation engine and billing module without the added costs and resources of a customized system. OATI's powerful Transmission Billing module automates the billing process and invoices generated for different types of transmission charges, including grandfathered transmission billing, other grandfathered power and transmission contracts, Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs), all aspects of Open Access Transmission Tariffs (OATTs), and more.

The easily customizable OATI webAccounting infrastructure allows users to build complicated rules according to their specific operational needs. It also accommodates business rules and billing tariff changes. With OATI webAccounting, customers can:

  • View and organize all of their data in a single, shared system
  • Streamline workflow and reduce labor
  • Perform complex calculations in seconds
  • Automate the energy accounting process, eliminating the possibility of manual errors
  • Eliminate the need for electronic file sharing, making the energy accounting process easier

OATI webAccounting is an all-in-one Energy Accounting and Billing solution that puts complete control of your data right at your fingertips. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how the right accounting tools can give you the freedom to focus on strategic operations.

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