About Us

A History of Dedication to the Energy Industry

The business of energy never stands still. Changes in technology, market demand, and regulations require today’s utilities to constantly adapt. Today, more than 2,200 energy industry customers turn to OATI to provide solutions to their operational challenges. In fact, more than 98% of North American energy industry organizations use our solutions, making OATI one of the most trusted names in the energy arena.

OATI’s over 1,100 dedicated staff members have more combined energy industry experience than any other software solutions provider, one of the industry’s highest concentrations of PhDs, and the single-minded focus to meet our customers’ changing commercial and technical needs. Nearly all our customers host and maintain their OATI solutions on the most field-proven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform in the energy industry, the OATI Cloud.

OATI has unprecedented software solutions tightly integrated with the data powering the North American energy infrastructure. By connecting generation, transmission, and demand-side resources to the wholesale energy markets, our solutions allow utilities to optimize their power supply management efforts, manage the reliability needs of the grid, and fully harness the economic and social value of their assets. Each solution has been built to give customers easy access to mission-critical information, integrated seamlessly across the energy industry, and designed to help users get more done.

We are constantly innovating and evolving to help our customers make trading, moving, and delivering energy nearly effortless and extremely rewarding. The energy industry is rapidly changing and, as a company with stable, long lasting roots in the industry, OATI is here to help. From EV charging to grid modernization and microgrids, we are embracing new energy solutions. In addition, we continue to be invested in and support our current and legacy customers, ready to help them and anyone else navigate the shifting energy landscape.

Energy-Industry Specific

OATI has more combined industry experience than any other software solutions provider. Our flagship applications are used by more than 98% of North American reliability organizations, making OATI one of the most trusted names in the energy arena.

Adding Value

OATI provides solutions that are proactively transforming the business of energy. Our innovative solutions are built specifically to deliver access to mission-critical information, be seamlessly integrated across the organization, and designed to help our customers get more done.


With products and services stretching from the wholesale market to retail solutions, OATI partners with every level of the energy industry to enhance efficiency and streamline operations for more than 2,200 industry customers.