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FERC Order 2222

FERC Order 2222 will have a large impact on the future of the electric power industry by removing barriers to the participation of distribution and retail customer distributed energy resources (DER) in all wholesale markets.
This Order impacts:

  • Wholesale energy markets and their market participants
  • Distribution grid operations
  • Aggregators and suppliers
And provides multiple benefits including:
  • Increased Liquidity, Market Competitiveness and Portfolio Options
  • Increased Availability of Flexible Resources
  • Greater Levels of Renewables and Decarbonization
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Enhanced Supply Efficiency and Lower Consumer Costs
  • And more

With the emergence of smart homes and smart cities, declining cost of DERs, electrification of transportation, ubiquitous availability of high-speed data communications, connected devices, and IoT technologies, FERC Order 2222 will have a long term impact on the future of electric utility and the power market operations.

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