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Delivering Results, Not Just Documents

OATI Consulting and Professional Services helps energy industry customers ensure that their operational efforts are fully supporting their long-term strategic business objectives. Our industry experts have their fingers on the pulse of the energy industry and can provide customers with a new perspective and fresh insights designed to improve efficiency and overcome any challenge. By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of the latest industry trends and best practices, customers can better prepare for “what’s next” in the business of energy.

OATI boasts one of the industry’s highest concentration of PhDs and more combined energy industry experience than any other software solutions provider. With our vast experience, customers can trust that the complex challenges they face will get the expert attention they deserve. And OATI consultants will never leave customers with a thick, stuffy report that is relegated to an office bookshelf to collect dust. OATI produces actionable tasks that deliver tangible results.

Energy industry consulting from OATI ensures operational processes are designed to get the highest possible value from each company’s IT infrastructure and software assets to achieve real business improvements.