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Fully Integrated Trading & Scheduling for Physical Power

OATI webTrader Power is a comprehensive solution for financial and physical trading, scheduling, risk, and settlements in energy markets, including:

  • Trade Capture
  • Scheduling (including RTO/ISOs)
  • Analytics from every RTO or proprietary data
  • RTO/ISO and/or bi-lateral markets — transaction capture, reporting, and more
  • Integration with OATI webSmartTag, OASIS service providers, RTOs, and customer-specific applications
  • Power scheduling and transmission management
  • Position reports, robust reporting features, and data calculation features
  • Back office accounting and settlements, as well as credit risk management
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

As part of a comple energy trading software solution, OATI webTrader Power provides value for every part of the business, including:

Front Office Support

  • Physical power trading
  • Financial trading
  • Templates for fast trade capture
  • Real-time position reporting
  • Formula-based pricing

Middle Office Support

  • Daily and monthly checkout capabilities, summaries, and reports
  • Bookout report summaries and bookouts
  • Email-based counterparty confirmation capabilities

Back Office Support

  • Accounting tools
  • Third-party counterparty settlements
  • Accounting locks
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Receivables aging summary

Empower Users, Save Time, and Increase Trading Efficiency

OATI webSmartTrader is an add-on module to webTrader Power that is highly configurable and significantly improves day-to-day activities for power traders and schedulers. A user-friendly graphical interface and drag-and-drop capability provides easy navigation with clear displays that provide timely and accurate information.

OATI webSmartTrader allows you to manage the availability of deals, e-Tags, Schedules, etc., based on the selected scheduling range. Additionally, the trading features allow you to efficiently support the primary physical deal-types, including both Fixed and Index-deals.

OATI webSmartTrader consists of three powerful wizards working in unison to support scheduling and trading needs:

  • Scheduling Wizard: A fast and intuitive approach to schedule creation.
  • Trading Wizard: Single and multi-deal scheduling creation so traders are covered, regardless of the complexity of their deal portfolio.
  • Position Wizard: Graphical and easy-to-read representation of the load, generation, sales, purchases, and scheduled energy through four different display modes: Schedule Real-Time, Schedule Daily, Deal Daily, and Deal Hourly.

webSmartTrader sits on top of OATI webTrader Power, giving users access to a single solution. This dynamic interface provides easy navigation with clear displays that can significantly improve day-to-day activities for traders and schedulers.

To see how OATI webTrader Power allows you to focus on trading and increasing revenues — without worrying about time-consuming behind-the-scenes work, contact us today.