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Securing the Internet of (Grid) Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) will soon contain millions of connected end-points and millions of intelligent grid-edge devices. Without robust cyber security, however, communicating with these devices will leave utilities vulnerable to hackers looking to access and manipulate their critical data.

OATI GridSafe™/℠ is a patented Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication and security process that allows smart grid devices and distribution assets to securely communicate with control center operations using common wide area networks — such as the Internet — as well as private networks or, in hard to reach locations, cellular networks. GridSafe ensures the security of the OATI GridControl™/℠ system, which provides data acquisition and asset control of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and other grid-edge devices connected to OATI GridPort™ secure gateway devices.

GridSafe uses the same industry-leading security infrastructure that underpins OATI’s solutions for wholesale bulk power markets across North America, including OATI webCARES, a PKI and Certificate Authority (CA) that has passed rigorous industry and security standards audits, such as NAESB WEQ-012, Webtrust, and CA/Browser Forum, and operates from OATI’s NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)-compliant data centers.

Learn more about the importance of “super devices”, data encryption, and robust PKI standards to protecting utility operations from harmful cyber threats:

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