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Next Generation, IoT-Based AMI Solution

Upgrading metering infrastructure can be a challenging and expensive process. OATI AMIoT™ gives you a cost-effective, non-proprietary Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that leverages Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology and the LoRa (Long Range) network for communication with LoRa-based meters. All of this is orchestrated with the OATI AMIoT™ Head End software, which is securely hosted from our trusted OATI Cloud.

OATI AMIoT™ is a next generation, IoT-based AMI packaged solution. It empowers small utilities with an affordable, configurable, IoT based AMI platform unchained from proprietary technology that is hosted from and protected by the trusted OATI Cloud.

Unlike traditional vendors, our solution is purposely decoupled from proprietary technology so you have options. We empower all utilities that are ready, willing, and able to, deploy and manage their own network and smart meters.

OATI AMIoT™ packages allow each utility to select the technology solution set that best fits their needs. For all packages:

  • OATI will provide a propagation study to help determine the optimal placement of gateways for your service territory.
  • OATI can optionally provide installation services.

OATI AMIoT™ Essentials - Do you have in-house or other smart meter and network expertise that you want to leverage? If so, then all you need is the AMIoT™ Essentials, a smart meter Head End, hosted in the OATI Cloud. Optionally, we can also provide the LoRa Server and host it in our Cloud as well, or, it can be deployed along with the rest of the network that your utility provides. Smart LoRa-based meters are self-sourced by the utility. OATI will also provide the essential back office system integrations to your key legacy applications such as Customer Information and Billing Systems, Meter Data Management Systems, etc.

OATI AMIoT™ Plus - Need a little extra support to build your network? AMIoT™ Plus contains the smart meter Head End, plus a pre-configured technology stack that is needed to deploy a LoRa Network, including servers, gateways, etc. Leveraging our Propagation Study and the utility knowledge, we will provide the list of deliverables that you need to install and configure your network. This is a great option for utilities that only want to source their own meters. 

OATI AMIoT™ Complete - Are you looking for the complete list of deliverables, including meters? AMIoT™ Complete encompasses the entire technology stack from Head End to the LoRa Network to the meters themselves. Let OATI professionals handle everything, while you focus on your business of energy.

With OATI AMIoT™, we are empowering utilities to bring their infrastructure into the future. To learn more, contact us today to request more information at