Transmission & Reliability

Coordinating Power Transmission and Reliability Operations

OATI webTrans: The most widely used all-inclusive solutions for business operations, compliance, accounting, and data management across North America. 

  • Dynamic Line Rating
  • Transaction Scheduling
  • Outage Management
  • Energy Accounting
  • OASIS and OASIS Management
  • Transmission Billing
  • Congestion Management
Setting the industry standard for managing transmission and reliability operations across North America.” 
Transmission Lines

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North America depends on OATI for
transmission and reliability solutions.

  • Comprehensive suite of energy management applications for maximum reliability, empowering customers by streamlining operations.
  • Fully integrated to meet each organization’s unique needs.
  • The only end-to-end solution for transmission, outage management, congestion management, accounting, and reliability operations.

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