About Us

An Ever-Vigilant Guardian Against Threats

OATI is committed to the integrity and security of our mission-critical applications and our customers’ data resources. Every OATI employee is dedicated to taking the proactive, purposeful measures necessary to meet and exceed the most stringent NERC and NIST security standards.

To achieve their full potential, next generation solutions require next generation infrastructure. OATI solutions are hosted in best-in-class, NERC CIP-compliant data centers. Built to Tier IV standards — the strictest in the industry — two geographically diverse data centers use an advanced Active-Active architecture to dynamically balance server load. Data at both sites are fully redundant, ensuring nearly 100% availability for our customers’ mission-critical applications and cyber assets.

With fences, video monitors, motion sensors, biometric scanners, and more, physical security is a top priority at OATI. Combined with industry-leading cybersecurity measures, including dedicated fiber channel links, firewalls, and encryption, customers can store and access their confidential and proprietary data with complete confidence.