What’s Happening with CAISO & NYISO? The Latest on FERC 2222 Filings

OATI’s Dr. Farrokh Rahimi gives an overview of the compliance filings for CAISO & NYISO.
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FERC Order 2222 - June 2021

FERC Order 2222 removes barriers for participation of distributed energy resources (DERs) and demand-side flexibility in wholesale markets, including capacity, energy and ancillary services. With rapid growth of connected and controllable demand-side capabilities, e.g., smart thermostats, smart appliances, and favorable DER economics, and the [...]

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Role of DSOs in Modernized Grid Operation

The electric industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. In this blog, OATI expert Farrokh Rahimi shares his knowledge on the impacts of renewable resources both in bulk power and distribution and how OATI’s new Distribution System Operator (DSO) construct can help address concerns.

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Monitor, Manage, and Coordinate DR/DER Assets with Hierarchical DERMS Solution

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and Demand Response (DR) assets are being used in various aspects of the power system and market operations. In this blog, OATI’s Farrokh Albuyeh explains how OATI’s Hierarchical DERMS is a one-stop solution that enables coordination of assets at various levels of the hierarchy.

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OATI on Residential Microgrids for the 42nd PLMA Conference

OATI GridMind™ microgrid controller software is featured in the 42nd PLMA Online Conference during the presentation “Residential Microgrids for Resiliency and Peak Demand Management”. The North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives case study utilizes Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) with OATI GridMind™ to create a [...]

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The Importance of Advanced Data Analytic Frameworks for Load and DER Forecasting

An accurate forecast of demand and available power supply is essential for the economic and reliable operation of power systems. OATI’s Dr. Ali Ipakchi explains the roles, benefits, and applications of advanced data analytic frameworks for improved forecasting of net load and various DER operations.

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Enhanced DER Management with Higher Visibility and Situational Awareness

The increasing levels of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are creating challenges and opportunities for the power grid and its system operators. Solutions to properly forecast, monitor and control distributed assets can deliver required services in support of both distribution and bulk power operations and markets.

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Importance of Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Utilities

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) enables a real-time communications link between the utilities and consumers and is regarded as the backbone of Smart Grid. Upgrading the old metering infrastructure can empower utilities with innovation that encompasses more than just metering to bring their infrastructure into the future.

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Grid Services: Driving the Future of Power Generation Systems

A rampant transformation is taking place in the power sector leading to retirement of conventional thermal generation, increasing the amount of renewable generation and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Grid Services play a big role in this as it ensures grid reliability and power quality for bulk renewable generation.

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Grid-Edge Grid Services: Benefits to Utilities and Prosumers

Increased reliance on renewable resources, some non-dispatchable, create balancing and reliability challenges for grid operators. Generally referred to as grid-edge assets, DR/DER can provide grid reliability services to mitigate some challenges while providing value streams to DR/DER asset owners and operators, categorically known as prosumers.

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OATI Spearheads the Future of Electric Vehicle Adoption

OATI EVolution™ showcased itself as a premiere EVSE Network Management Service at the 40th PLMA Conference. By demonstrating services such as dynamic billing and pricing strategies, the adoption of EVSE is a much more attractive prospect.

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What You Missed at the 2019 OATI Energy Conference

Conference attendees and distinguished industry keynote speakers from across the world explored and discussed the latest trends, opportunities, challenges, and technology advancements needed to move toward the grid of the future. Check out our blog for highlights and more details. 

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Supply of Grid Services by Virtual Power Plants

With the proliferation of dispatchable DERs including demand response, the concept of aggregating resources into Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), and utilizing the VPPs to improve system resilience, reliability and economics is gaining popularity. Learn more about the benefits of this technology from our Smart Grid expert Dr. Ali Ipakchi in this blog.

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Impact of FERC Orders 841 and 841-A on Energy Storage Participation

The rise of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and active demand-side participation has established a new market growth record for DERs in the U.S., especially in energy storage, but how will FERC Orders 841 and 841-A impact energy storage participation?

July 1 , 2019 Read More

Advanced IoT-based Metering Infrastructure Applied to Support Transactive Energy Exchange

Discussion of transactive energy applications must include adaptation to the variable requirements of the emerging transactive energy paradigm. This blog highlights applied techniques of the Internet of Things to modernize metering and create cost effective visibility, all in support of transactive energy exchanges.

June 24 , 2019 Read More

OATI Provides Single DERMS Solution for Any Demanding Environment

OATI’s flexible water heater study and the commercial demand response solutions were presented by OATI at the 39th PLMA Conference. This study tested capabilities to the most rigorous requirements and exhibits success at all levels of market services, bringing a single DERMS solution for a demanding environment.

May 15 , 2019 Read More

EoT - Disrupting the Demand for Oil and Invigorating Electric Utilities

The Electrification of Transportation (EoT) will have an impact on the world economy, but how will it impact the oil industry and the electric utilities? In this blog, OATI’s Linda Stevens takes an in-depth look at what the future holds for oil markets and utilities with the rise in EoT.

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EVolution™ Launch a Success! Our Highlights from DistribuTECH 2019

We successfully launched the OATI EVolution™ solution at DistribuTECH 2019, but if you didn’t have the opportunity to witness it in-person check out our blog to learn more about the highlights of EVolution™ and its launch.

February 21 , 2019 Read More

The Electrification of Transportation: A Game Changer for Utilities

Retail electricity sales in the U.S. are suffering the largest drop and are at an all-time low since 2009. In this blog, OATI’s Robert Moody discusses how the emergence of Electrification of Transportation (EoT) and adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) will change the current situation of falling electricity sales.

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The New DERMS: Using DERs to Support Grid Operations and Participate in the Wholesale Market

The utility grid of the future is only going to be more complex as time progresses. Utilities will need an effective platform to control various DER assets and associated programs within multiple departments. OATI’s Robert Moody uses his expertise to explain why utilities need a platform for complete visibility and control to asse[...]

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Automation: Does Removing the Human Element Really Save Money?

Which business processes can you automate? Which robust system do you have in place which could remove the human element and replace it with a time and money-saving automated system? Does automation save money or will automation cause companies to lose opportunities in the ever-changing energy market?

December 18 , 2018 Read More

Why Utilities Face the Need for Highly Integrated Systems

Being better prepared for an adverse event positions a company to combat negative impacts and possible financial losses. This is where the role of an integrated system becomes crucial. OATI Subject Matter Expert, Alan Mize, explores how highly integrated systems enable a company to be responsive and take action.

November 8 , 2018 Read More

2018 OATI Conference Recap

Did you miss the 2018 OATI Energy Conference? We’re recapping this year’s highlights, including keynote presentations from the OATI CEO and Vice Presidents, product exhibits, hands-on training for OATI innovations, and more.

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Insights into Smart Grid Priorities for Changing Electric Distribution Space

What are the most important Smart Grid application priorities for your business? OATI’s e-Book, The Future of Digital Integration, provides insight into the top Smart Grid priorities of utility and energy companies across the U.S.

October 23 , 2018 Read More

OATI Wraps Up Fall 2018 Events

This fall OATI experts traveled and attended various events in the United States: the 2018 MN Energy Expo, the Gulf Coast Power Association Fall Conference (GCPA) in Texas, and the Cooperative Technology Conference in Illinois.

October 19 , 2018 Read More

California Strives for 100 Percent Clean Energy

California’s new bill aims to power the state completely with carbon-free electricity by 2045. OATI expert Dr. Ali Ipakchi discusses what this bill means for the energy industry, innovative approaches that may be adopted, the role of distributed energy resources, and technologies needed to manage a carbon-free power system. 

October 9 , 2018 Read More

The Pivotal Importance of Demand Response Management for Utilities

Demand response programs require the necessary priority and value. However, managing these programs can be burdensome for utilities. See how modern Demand Resource Management Systems can help businesses automate demand response events and streamline activities.

September 25 , 2018 Read More

A Gryphin™ to Meet Future Data Challenges

The OATI Gryphin™, a new infrastructure for information management, takes flight soon. Learn how this framework for the future overcomes challenges with Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT).

September 4 , 2018 Read More

OATI Summer 2018 Events

This summer OATI experts attended five events across the country: the NARUC Summer Policy Summit, IEEE PES General Meeting, GLEMS event, TVPPA (E&O) Conference, and the CTCE event. Attending these events proved to be a great experience to interact with energy industry leaders and the perfect platform to showcase OATI products.

August 28 , 2018 Read More

Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plants (Whirlpool Generation)

How are energy resources developing and are there ways for rural areas to get greener? In this blog post, Director Mark Hackney explains how gravitational water vortex power works, current research, and how this technology could affect rural communities worldwide.

August 16 , 2018 Read More

Implications of California’s Solar PV Mandate

OATI experts Dr. Ali Ipakchi and Dr. Farrokh Albuyeh discuss California’s solar PV housing mandate and how this event impacts the energy industry.

July 31 , 2018 Read More

Minnesota Adopts Wholesale Interconnection Reforms

After a two-year review, the Minnesota PUC has revised and updated the interconnection standards to improve the connections of DERs to the grid.

July 17 , 2018 Read More

Is the Power Grid of the Future Happening?

According to the 2018 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, 2017 was a banner year for transformations in the U.S. energy sector, as envisioned in the Power Grid of the Future. What are the emerging opportunities and what is needed to continue this momentum?

June 12 , 2018 Read More

2018 Technology Trends in the Cooperative Marketplace

For Electric Cooperatives across the country, it is becoming increasingly clear that transforming their core business processes is key to their commitment to provide reliable electric service at affordable rates to their member owners. OATI shares key insights and highlights of trending technologies for Cooperatives.

May 30 , 2018 Read More

OATI Attends 2018 TVPPA Annual Conference

OATI recently attended the 2018 TVPPA annual conference, one of the most anticipated events for utility laymen. Attendees were able to garner knowledge about the pivotal electric utility industry issues and quintessential ways to deal with them.

May 24 , 2018 Read More

How States are Adapting to Grid Modernization

Many states across the country are working to update and improve energy delivery systems. A recent evaluation from GridWise Alliance ranks each state’s efforts with the Grid Modernization Index. This blog examines some strategies used by top-ranking states and discusses potential options for continuous grid modernization.

May 10 , 2018 Read More

Dr. Ali Ipakchi Highlights Takeaways from April FERC Conference Panel

In response to Order 841, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) held a technical conference to discuss Distributed Energy Resource (DER) aggregations and the bulk power system. OATI expert Dr. Ali Ipakchi, who was invited to participate in this conference, shares his takeaways from the event.

May 1 , 2018 Read More

OATI Expert Attends IEEE PES T&D Conference 2018

More than 12,000 industry leaders and attendees came together in Denver, Colorado to talk, browse new technologies and hands-on demonstrations, and network with industry professionals across the globe. One such leader is OATI expert Dr. Farrokh Rahimi, Ph.D., who participated in numerous panel sessions.

April 23 , 2018 Read More

OATI Marks Attendance at Maui Energy Conference

The Maui Energy Conference & Exhibition attracted hundreds of energy industry leaders to share ideas on how to better serve customers. Highlights included this year’s theme, “Decarbonization: A Business Opportunity for Innovative Communities,” and how Hawaii is working toward a 100% renewable portfolio standard.

March 21 , 2018 Read More

OATI Sponsors 2018 CERTs Conference

As presenting sponsor, OATI will speak, network, and exhibit our products at the CERTs 2018 Conference. OATI will also highlight how we can help MN be successful with these types of projects as well as speak on our Microgrid as it was one of the first of the Midwest. Register here.

March 19 , 2018 Read More

OATI Connects with Customers at WSPP Spring Conference

OATI recently attended the annual Western Systems Power Pool (WSPP) Spring Conference March 7 – 9, 2018 at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, British Columbia. OATI enjoyed attending and interacting with the customers at the conference.

March 14 , 2018 Read More

Top Four Takeaways from DistribuTECH 2018

DistribuTECH 2018 brought energy industry leaders, utilities, technology companies and service providers together to engage in new and compelling technologies like OATI Grid 4.0™. This, in addition to OATI DERMS and microgrid solutions, created quite a buzz at our booth. Today we share our top four takeaways from the event.  

March 12 , 2018 Read More

OATI Features Smart Grid Solutions at TechAdvantage 2018

Along with hundreds of industry professionals, OATI will discuss the latest tools and services available for G&Ts and Co-ops at the 2018 TechAdvantage Conference & Expo. At the conference, OATI will feature three product demonstrations: CVR, DERMS, and Grid 4.0™.

February 21 , 2018 Read More

AEP Presentation at DistribuTECH 2018

Alongside other professionals from utilities, technology companies and service providers, American Electric Power (AEP) presented themselves in this year’s DistribuTECH Conference featuring an OATI solution. For those of you who missed out or want a refresher on “Demand Response System Management at AEP,” here’s a recap.

January 25 , 2018 Read More

Delivering Customer Satisfaction & Excellence in Service

Jerry Dempsey, Sr. Vice President – Business Development, Sales and Marketing looks back at 2017 and reflects on how OATI’s customer-centric tradition from the preceding years helped in building a solid foundation to take the company into 2018 and the future.

December 28 , 2017 Read More

Top 2017 Smart Grid Content

In this blog post, OATI has rounded up the 2017 top resources that grid planners and electric utility professionals requested from its library to help them navigate the challenges of making the power grid smarter and responsive to change.


December 26 , 2017 Read More

Solar PV Boosts Grid Services

Solar PV is increasingly proven to be more of an asset to the grid and not a burden to operators of the electric grid. The emergence of smart inverters and the utility’s ability to dispatch and control these inverters for grid support and ancillary services has opened doors for utilities looking to integrate solar PV resources.

December 26 , 2017 Read More

2017 Year in Review

Sasan Mokhtari, President and Chief Executive Officer, reflects on the achievements from 2017 and shares his vision for the future of OATI.

December 19 , 2017 Read More

Conservation Voltage Reduction Benefits Analysis

With rising peak demand charges and increasing capacity challenges at the grid edge, utilities are pressed more than ever to manage end-use consumption. Today OATI explains what Conservation Voltage Reduction is and how a complimentary CVR Benefits Analysis can help utilities save money while still offering top-notch services.

December 18 , 2017 Read More

Securing DERs: Two Mega Trends Made Real for Municipal Utilities

According to the July 2017 Municipal Utility Outlook presented by Zpryme, Distributed Energy Resources are emerging as a top focus area for municipal utilities to integrate with their current system.

November 15 , 2017 Read More

The Evolution of DERMS

From Load Management Systems (LMS) to Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS), and now with Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS), provision of grid service technology has evolved significantly in the past few decades. What industry trends have driven this evolution?

October 18 , 2017 Read More

Midwest Energy Storage Summit Brings Stakeholders Together

At the Midwest Energy Storage Summit, industry leaders came together to discuss grid modernization efforts in the Midwest and collaborate on the future of our energy systems. The event hosted a variety of speakers with different perspectives on how to adapt in the evolving energy landscape.

October 4 , 2017 Read More

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Highlight the Urgent Need for NWAs

It does not matter whether you believe that global warming is the cause of the highly devastating hurricanes afflicting the United States eastern seaboard. What you can absolutely count on is the likelihood of these extreme weather events recurring and take immediate steps to mitigate their impacts.

September 26 , 2017 Read More

Challenging Fossil Fuels: Renewable Energy Takes on Two States at a Time

Renewable energy transforms the power industry by providing clean power at a lower cost. Hawaii and California are adopting goals to transition to 100% clean energy by 2045. With state Renewable Portfolio Standards in place, will the power industry be able to meet the operational and reliability challenges of fully relying on renewables?

September 6 , 2017 Read More

Earth Day is our Everyday

For Earth Day, we want to show how OATI is dedicated to making the world a better place. This means transforming the energy industry with more innovative, reliable, and green solutions. Here is a list of the top three initiatives we are investing in for the future of our business and the planet.

April 20 , 2017 Read More

Cooperatives Connect at TechAdvantage 2017

TechAdvantage’s annual conference is the place for cooperative utilities to network and experience the latest tools, technologies, and services that will help them to increase efficiency. This year, San Diego was host to over 300 exhibitors and 8,400 attendees looking for great content—and maybe some California sun.

March 10 , 2017 Read More

DERs, IoT, Data Analytics, and Microgrids Spark Conversations at DTECH 2017

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), Internet of Things (IoT) security, data analytics, and microgrids were hot topics at DTECH 2017. Here are some of our the key takeaways from this year.

February 14 , 2017 Read More

Things to Look for at TechAdvantage 2017

TechAdvantage 2017 attendees will gather for four days of leading-edge strategies and best practices that will benefit their cooperatives well into the 21st century. If you are planning on attending, here are four things you cannot miss:

February 13 , 2017 Read More

Utilities and Microgrids: Friends or Foes?

As the need to deal with demand and supply intermittency expands, should utilities embrace microgrids as friends or foes?

February 6 , 2017 Read More

Part 3: Ensuring Adequate Generation Supply

Microgrids are small-scale power systems that, to a large degree, have the same challenges as utility systems when it comes to achieving their operational objectives through proper resource scheduling and dispatch control.

January 24 , 2017 Read More

Things to Look for at DistribuTECH 2017

There’s no doubt this year’s DistribuTECH will continue to set the standard for compelling content and discussion. If you’re planning on attending, here are four things you can’t miss!

January 12 , 2017 Read More

2016 Year in Review

Sasan Mokhtari, President and Chief Executive Officer at OATI, shares the company’s 2016 accomplishments and his thoughts on the future.

December 19 , 2016 Read More

8 Key Highlights from FERC’s Energy Storage and DER Aggregation NOPR

Last week, FERC issued a new Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) to “remove barriers to the participation of electric storage resources and Distributed Energy Resource aggregations in the capacity, energy, and ancillary service markets” run by ISOs/RTOs. Today, we share eight quick highlights you will want to be aware of.

December 1 , 2016 Read More

When is a Distributed Energy Resource Management System Necessary?

As Distributed Energy Resources continue to roll out in service territories across the country, the question becomes not if a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) is necessary, but when.

November 30 , 2016 Read More

Cooperatives Plan for the Future at the Rural Smart Grid Summit

This year’s Rural Smart Grid Summit brought together vendors representing the latest technologies and services for smart utility solutions, as well as more than 100 representatives from rural electric cooperatives to discuss the proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), cybersecurity, and much more. 

November 23 , 2016 Read More

Utilities Betting Big on Microgrids

With many utilities increasingly making investments in microgrids a huge part of their growth strategy, OATI’s microgrid expert examines the key drivers of this trend in addition to providing an overview of utilities that have already integrated microgrids into their business model, their funding sources, the microgrid assets employed, a[...]

November 14 , 2016 Read More

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: How Microgrids Impact the Energy Industry

New technologies, like microgrids and community solar gardens, are bringing disruptive innovation to the energy industry. Rather than let these changes disrupt their business, utilities should cultivate the big opportunities they bring.

October 21 , 2016 Read More

IEEE ISGT 2016 Conference Recap

OATI employees played an integral role in the success of the 2016 Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) conference as organizers, presenters, session leaders, and committee chairs. Learn more about the conference and OATI’s involvement in today’s post:

October 5 , 2016 Read More

Navigating Change in the Evolving Energy Industry

What’s your strategy for navigating change in our evolving energy industry? Big or small, Investor or Publicly Owned, every utility needs one to be successful. In this post, we highlight important items to consider when evaluating your company’s current strategy:

September 21 , 2016 Read More

Part 2: Ensuring Adequate Generation Supply

Many utilities struggle to deal with achieving adequate generation supply as the system approaches Real-Time operation. Today’s blog post focuses on how generation scheduling in the Near Real-Time and Real-Time time horizons can help improve reliability and efficiency.

September 12 , 2016 Read More

Fostering Successful G&T Demand Side Management Strategies with Distribution Member Cooperatives

The incorporation of Demand Side Management Strategies into the supply equation is fostering successful partnerships between Generation and Transmission (G&T) cooperatives and their distribution cooperative members. Find out why…

August 18 , 2016 Read More

Securing the Internet of (Grid) Things

At the edge of the distribution grid lies a number of devices that could provide significant value to Smart Grid applications. While the value gained from communicating with these devices is enormous, a roadblock to harnessing their power has been the lack of efficient, affordable, and secure communication paths. Until now…

July 1 , 2016 Read More

CVR-as-a-Service for Municipal Power Companies

Municipals’ mission is to provide a sustainable, quality lifestyle for their citizens. When a city/county operates their own electric distribution grid, that mission also includes delivering cost-effective, highly reliable electricity. Learn how these entities can deploy CVR to lower demand related charges and increase power quality.

June 24 , 2016 Read More

Part 3: Ensuring Adequate Generation Supply

Microgrids are small-scale power systems that, to a large degree, have the same challenges as utility systems when it comes to achieving their operational objectives through proper resource scheduling and dispatch control.

January 24 , 2017 Read More

Managing the Operational Challenges of the Distribution Grid

The rise in renewable sources of energy, and the growing capabilities of consumers to manage their own demand, is having a profound impact on the electric power industry. Learn how Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) can help utilities overcome the challenges they are facing as a result of these elements.

June 7 , 2016 Read More

CVR and the Clean Power Plan

EPA’s Clean Power Plan is presenting challenges for utilities, but Conservation Voltage Reduction may prove to be a creative approach to addressing a complex problem. 

June 3 , 2016 Read More

Takeaways from India Smart Grid Week

Smart Grid and Microgrid business in the U.S. is in full, steady growth mode, but something very exciting is also occurring in developing countries. 

May 17 , 2016 Read More

Distribution System Operator Construct Emerges to Address Electric Industry Challenges

The electric industry is undergoing a paradigm shift due to a combination of factors. These factors have led to new operational challenges for both bulk power and distribution system operators and are impacting the utility business model. A new Distribution System Operator construct is emerging as a venue to address these challenges[...]

April 28 , 2016 Read More