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Optimizing Resource-Diverse Energy Portfolios

Optimizing portfolios is a complex task, especially when dealing with multiple resource types. With OATI webAnalytical, optimizing portfolios that are composed of a variety of resource types is cost-effective and efficient. By considering transactions and assets both inside and outside of ISOs, OATI webAnalytical allows users to define customized constraints and extend predefined models, optimizing each portfolio individually. This solution is designed to be flexible, enabling users to easily adjust strategies as business needs and opportunities change.
Integration with other OATI solutions, including OATI webTrader, OATI webPriceForecast, OATI webSettlement, and OATI webRisk, means an effortless bid-to-bill process from end-to-end. All data is entered and stored in a single system, ensuring data integrity and making it easy to maintain consistency in reporting.

Analyzing the Past to Improve Future Trading

How does a record cold spell in June affect trading prices? This small piece of information could be the difference between a successful trade and a major loss. OATI webPriceForecast allows users to look at how such events affected prices in the past and apply that knowledge to present or future trades. OATI webPriceForecast performs price forecasts using two different methods. The first uses a similar-day approach with a variety of supporting functions. The second predicts profiles based on analysis of past time-based data. Both methods can predict prices up to ten days into the future. To perform these calculations, OATI webPriceForecast uses historical prices, historical weather data, forecasted weather data, gas prices, and other relevant information.