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Demand Response Management

OATI webDistribute is a patented, comprehensive tool that allows utilities to monitor, control, schedule, and manage Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER). In addition to DR lifecycle management from program enrollment and event management, to billing and settlements, OATI webDistribute offers tools and advanced functionality to integrate demand-side capabilities into distribution, transmission, and market operations for improved supply economics and enhanced reliability.

OATI webDistribute allows utilities to manage diverse types of DR programs and demand-side resources from notification-based, price-responsive, and dynamic tariff-based DR programs to various direct load control methods. It also forecasts available DR capability based on weather, DR program, and enrollment parameters and can schedule and dispatch DR and DER and interface with field devices and load control equipment. OATI webDistribute even allows participation of DR and DER in energy, capacity, and various ancillary services markets. OATI webDistribute also allows customer and system baseline load computation and support for settlement operation.
OATI webDistribute provides visibility and control capabilities to individual and aggregated demand-side resources.

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