Transmission & Reliability

Managing Highly Complex Power Transmission and Reliability Operations

Complex environments require comprehensive solutions. The North American energy industry has come to trust OATI to create tools for managing the highly complex, interdependent tasks required for successful power transmission and reliability operations. The OATI webTrans ecosystem of solutions fully integrates the functions for both Transmission Providers (TPs) and Balancing Authorities (BAs) by providing the tools for performing complex calculations, data management and reporting functions that automatically gather data from OATI and third-party systems, fulfill compliance reporting requirements, reduce redundant data entry, and automate critical business functions. With modules that can be deployed independently or integrated to meet each organization’s unique needs, the OATI webTrans suite of solutions sets the industry standard for managing transmission and reliability operations. OATI webTrans is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for business operations, compliance, accounting, and data management. Combined with OATI webSmartTag and OATI webSmartOASIS, the webTrans base implementation includes functionality to automate and integrate scheduling, e-Tag and Transmission Service Request (TSR) validation, congestion management, outage management, and OASIS posting requirements. The OATI webTrans suite of applications includes: From Many Components, One Solution OATI webTrans is a comprehensive suite of solutions that allow BAs and TPs to conveniently manage scheduling, e-Tagging, ATC calculations, reservation processing, OASIS activities, outage management, congestion, and reserves. To see how the integrated OATI webTrans platform allows you and your team to focus on maintaining the reliability of the power grid, contact us today.