Transmission & Reliability

Streamlined OASIS Management

OATI webTrans CCO (Conditional Curtailment Option)

OATI webTrans CCO module is a solution for Transmission Providers who have long-term requests from customers that are willing to have reduced curtailment priority during identified conditional periods in order to obtain rights for long-term service.
OATI webTrans PCM (Preemption and Competition Module)

OATI webTrans PCM provides a consistent method for handling Transmission Service Requests (TSRs) and the competition between equal-priority requests with unequal duration from multiple parties through the management of the right of first refusal. OATI offers both manual and auto-match TSRs competition.
OATI webTrans SSW (Simultaneous Submission Window)

OATI webTrans SSW helps Transmission Providers manage multiple-party queued requests for identical service, on limited transmission, within a specified time window. It allows ATC to be allocated without preference to customer or volume requested. OATI offers three methods to meet the customer business practices: lottery, prorate, and equal distribution.
OATI webTrans modules can be deployed independently or integrated, allowing customers to implement a solution that fits their unique requirements.

OATI webMaster provides documentation of queue status, time frames for workflow, and document management associated with workflows.

The OATI webMaster solution includes:

  • Predefined workflow processes
  • Easy to create customer workflows
  • Creation of the required queue documents for posting to webSmartOASIS
  • A customer interface to allow for Q&A tracking
  • Notification to involved parties of approaching deadlines
  • Flexibility to be used for more than just transmission related business