Transmission & Reliability

Managing Interconnection Congestion

Originally developed in 1999, the Interchange Distribution Calculator (IDC) has evolved to meet a variety of congestion management needs for the energy industry. Today it is helping manage interconnection-wide congestion through the implementation of NAESB business practices and NERC reliability standards. It also provides Seams Coordination between markets and between market and non-market entities through transaction curtailment and market and Balancing Authority re-dispatch obligations.

OATI webSAS: The Unscheduled Flow CM Tool of the West

OATI webSAS administers the Western Electrical Coordinating Council (WECC)’s Unscheduled Flow (USF) Mitigation Procedure. It provides path operators, reliability coordinators, power marketers, and Balancing Authorities with an automated Unscheduled Flow assessment tool to meet the WECC’s USF-reduction requirements by initiating adjustments to meet the relief obligations. It also provides a way for users to enter any alternative actions they may have taken to remain compliant.