Transmission & Reliability

Trading Smarter in Day Ahead Markets

OATI webSmartMarket provides users with the data necessary to observe and understand forward looking, day ahead, and real time scheduling and dispatch services, network congestion, power balancing and settlement services.  OATI webSmartMarket facilitates the negotiation and settlement of commercial transactions by maintaining records of settlements for transfers of stocks, shares and securities, billing, and invoicing, and business advice and information in the energy industry.

OATI Software as a Service offerings and industry leading team will work with your organization to consult and assist with:

  • Using the webSmartMarket system
  • Creating, managing, and/or operating an energy market
  • Using commodity, e-Tag, and other energy trade related instruments along with the webSmartMarket system
  • Providing / disseminating information related to commodity, e-Tag, and other energy trade related instruments
  • Performing / Processing settlement services for the energy industry

For more information on how OATI Day Ahead Market system can help you achieve streamlined trading operations and enhanced ROI,  contact us today.