Energy Trading Risk

Managing Renewable Energy Credits

OATI webREC is a comprehensive Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Tracking and management solution designed to serve entities who need to track and manage REC transactions, keep an up-to-date REC inventory, and maintain compliance with regional renewable energy tracking systems.

OATI webREC helps entities satisfy contractual requirements by ensuring the RECs produced and/or traded by an organization are correctly allocated and tracked. The allocation process is performed using a powerful and flexible allocation rules engine, which can be set to account for symmetric and asymmetric rules, rule priorities, allocation policies, and execution sequence, based on an individual entity’s needs. Furthermore, OATI webREC can help entities identify sales opportunities by providing the means to monitor unbundled RECs available for sale for all vintages. Tracking and management of the REC’s portfolio is supported on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis.

OATI webREC makes the difficult job of REC management easy, so entities can get the most from their REC portfolio, while maintaining focus on other aspects of their businesses.