Energy Trading Risk

Simplify and Optimize Your Generation for Bilateral and RTO Markets

Today’s generation owners are challenged to maximize their profitability within an increasingly competitive marketplace. This is exacerbated by the difficulty of maximizing profitability in least-cost power markets as well as managing the operational challenges of RTO market bidding. OATI webSmartBid takes the guesswork out of power generation planning, energy bid optimization and successful participation in wholesale power markets. OATI’s proven power generation optimization and efficiency solution gives merchant generators an edge in optimizing their energy and ancillary offers as well as maximizing the profitability of their entire generation fleet.

This powerful and speedy generation optimization engine uses advanced analysis to provide profit maximization of generation energy and ancillary offers for RTO market bidding. It additionally simplifies generation planning and uses advanced analytics to help generation owners design and execute the most profitable bidding strategy that drives profitability.

With OATI webSmartBid, merchant generators can simulate market clearing of their generation offers and load bids, including the capability to:

  • Obtain expected clearing results

  • Assess profitability of their bidding strategies

  • Select the preferred bid strategy

  • Upload bid strategy into the RTO market

  • Track the workflow of the selected bid’s processing

  • Obtain real-time metering and settlement charges

  • Perform in depth analysis of generation fleet performance for a given operating period


Merchant generators also use OATI webSmartBid’s Generation Asset Optimization capability to resolve cost minimization challenges. OATI webSmartBid finds an optimal commitment and dispatch for each unit in the generation fleet to minimize the total system production cost while enforcing all required system and individual unit constraints. webSmartBid successfully identifies least-cost supplies and has the capability to bid excess generation into Regional Transmission Operator (RTO)/Independent System Operator (ISO) markets. Designed to work as an integrated option with either OATI webEIM or webTrader, OATI webSmartBid makes it possible for Day-Ahead and Real-Time (RT) traders to analyze and provide an optimized resource plan for all resources.


OATI webSmartBid can integrate with bulk power market software — either OATI’s or in-house systems — to streamline a wide range of market operations from initial base schedule submissions and smart bids to aftermarket operations and shadow settlements.