Energy Trading Risk

Rapid and Highly-Integrated Natural Gas Trading and Scheduling

OATI webTrader Gas expertly combines ease of use with granular control to deliver a highly configurable natural gas Trading and Risk Management solution that streamlines trading while providing comprehensive logistical support for the back office. The OATI webTrader Quick Scheduler display provides total daily situational awareness of purchases, sales, transport, storage, pipeline positions, and more. Within webTrader Gas, a single display shows:
  • Gas purchase/sales data
  • Daily pool balances
  • Daily interconnect imbalances
  • Daily storage inventory balances
  • Generation plant hourly load forecast data
  • Generation plant hourly fuel consumption
  • Daily nomination and scheduling data
  • Audit data
  • Credit risk data
With the ability to click-and-drag to build schedules using real-time updates, users can view impacts prior to saving the schedules. This minimizes mistakes and the possibility of inadvertent contract overruns and over/under scheduling. OATI webTrader Gas includes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connectivity with interstate pipelines and NAESB compliant intrastate pipelines, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy of scheduling with the pipeline Electronic Bulletin Boards. Scheduled quantities automatically flow from the pipeline into OATI webTrader Gas. To see how OATI webTrader Gas simplifies the complex operations of natural gas trading and generation management, contact us today. Learn more about OATI webTrader Gas with these additional resources: