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Mexico Energy Market Solutions

The Mexico Energy Reforms creates an opportunity for energy providers to expand and grow their business by participating in the new Mexico Energy Market, which begins operations in January 2016.

Companies looking to get up-and-running in the emerging Mexico Energy Market don't have to look any further than the OATI webCTRM and webMercado Eléctrico solutions. webCTRM and webMercado Eléctrico are trusted, comprehensive commodity trading and risk management solutions, which have been selected by the first entity to register as a service provider in the Mexico market. OATI's proven success and technical expertise as the leading provider of solutions to North America energy markets gives energy providers the opportunity to streamline market operations and maximize their business potential.

OATI webCTRM and webMercado Eléctrico will be used in the Mexico Energy Market to:

  • Manage generation offers
  • Oversee demand-bids
  • Maintain bilaterial transactions
  • Operate a complete settlements engine