Energy Trading Risk

CTRM Software to Help You Control Each and Every Deal

OATI webCTRM, part of a comprehensive energy trading software solution, gives traders the tools they need to keep up with the demanding pace of energy and commodity trading. OATI webCTRM supports forward trading and is designed specifically to help the front office make money while keeping the back office balanced.

OATI’s benefits-driven, best-in-class commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software is built on a cutting-edge infrastructure designed to control every facet of commodities trading. This web-based CTRM system has the capability to manage every aspect of your business enterprise, track the business of forward trading, and improve profits, without the added costs of owning and maintaining an in-house commodities trading and risk management platform.

As an all-in-one CTRM software, OATI’s advanced, near-real valuation process provides time-sensitive business intelligence by maintaining an updated position and Profit and Loss (P&L) statement during the business day. Built especially to take the worry out of commodities trading, OATI’s comprehensive CTRM solution automates the management of all risk-types, interfaces with external entities such as Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), CME Group (CME), eConfirm, and TradeVault, and ensures your business is fully compliant with all financial regulatory changes.

At its core, OATI webCTRM allows traders to build market-specific products using four basic building blocks: futures, swaps, options, and physical commodities — each of which has its own unique set of settlement and mark-to-market logic and can be combined to create unique trades for a business. Live data means up-to-the-minute daily, month-to-date, quarterly, year-to-date, and custom views of mark-to-market and exposure are always available at the touch of a button. Moreover, positions are updated every time a transaction is made. With just a few clicks, OATI webCTRM allows users to match a company’s trades to clearing bank shadow settlement accounts, ensuring the middle office is in control of risk.

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