Energy Trading Risk

Trading and Shadow Settlements for Every RTO & ISO

The OATI webTrader Market Solution is a comprehensive, web-based RTO trading and shadow settlement system designed to meet the requirements of RTO market participants, while giving them valuable flexibility. It eliminates dual data entry, reduces errors, and streamlines the trading process — for every RTO market:

  • PJM
  • ISO-NE
  • MISO
  • SPP
  • IESO
  • AESO

OATI webTrader Market Solution automatically navigates the complexities between markets, saving users time, labor, and hassles. It even provides settlement solutions to predict and compare RTO settlement files and find discrepancies.

OATI webSettlement

Manage Settlements with Ease and Accuracy

The large number of transactions and the volume of activities in regional wholesale electric markets makes the manual evaluation and confirmation of settlement statements an extremely difficult and labor-intensive task for market participants. OATI webSettlement reduces the time and effort to perform these essential tasks. OATI webSettlement is a comprehensive and powerful system for managing settlements with wholesale electric market operators including North American RTOs and ISOs. The solution enables market participants to verify the accuracy of RTO/ISO statements, identifying any problems and errors and managing disputes with the market operator.

OATI webSettlement interfaces with a market participant’s trading system to:

  • Capture participant offers, bids, bilateral transactions, and transmission rights
  • Verify committed transactions in RTO/ISO settlement reports
  • Develop shadow settlement charges
  • Identify differences with RTO statements
  • Provide the functionality for initiating and managing disputes