Energy Trading Risk

Ensure Consistency and Accuracy in Your Calculations

Utilities large and small are increasingly confronted by large amounts of data generated by business-critical operations. The ability to make sense of these data can have a significant impact on organization goals to maximize efficiency and improve profitability. Simple spreadsheets and legacy systems are becoming overwhelmed and incapable of handling the day-to-day demands of the current data-driven energy and commodity trading ecosystem. Whether it is for front, middle, and/or back office operations, a customizable energy calculation system is what utilities need to compute time-sensitive data and achieve real-time results. 
The OATI webCALC SH solution combines sub hourly data, the flexibility of traditional spreadsheets, along with powerful security and integration features, making it the most convenient calculation tool in the industry. This energy trading calculation engine has a user-friendly interface that allows multiple users to perform custom calculations in a single system without extensive programming skills or database expertise. The OATI webCALC SH solution employs the traditional feel of spreadsheets while delivering speed, scalability, automation, accuracy, and audit trail capabilities. 

Additionally, webCALC SH seamlessly integrates with other OATI systems, like webTrader, webScheduler, and webSettlement, as well as external third party systems. These integration capabilities eliminate the need for manual operations and associated errors, thereby saving time and ensuring accuracy.

webCALC SH includes the following features:

  • Point-and-click and powerful text editors
  • Graphical user interface to guide formula defining process
  • Real-time calculation combining multiple granularities and time zones 
  • Integration with external systems
  • Export of data to other systems via web services, email, or FTP
  • Easy-to-follow history of changes with author timestamps

OATI webCALC SH is a comprehensive toolbox that allows users to easily meet and exceed the expectations of an ever-changing energy industry. 

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