Transmission & Reliability

Managing Highly Complex Power Transmission and Reliability Operations

Balancing Authorities (BA), Transmission Providers (TP), and Purchasing-Selling Entities (PSE) can count on OATI for complete solutions to handle their scheduling and data needs. OATI webTransScheduling is a comprehensive interchange scheduling solution that closely integrates with the OATI webSmartTag offering: 

  • Generate interchange schedules for BA, TP, or PSE type entities directly from E-tags
  • Fast updates based on changes to e-Tags — including curtailments and adjustments 
  • Minute-by-minute interchange profiles incorporating ramp
  • Convenient interchange checkout on multiple timeframes
  • Automatically integrate schedules and 24-hour schedule net values
  • Calculate on/off-peak totals, daily totals, monthly totals
  • Provide a summary of import, export, and net schedule values for each adjacent entity and other interchange summations
  • Option to exclude a schedule contributing to interchange
  • Data import and export capability from and to an external system, such as SCADA or EMS system
  • Manual schedule creation and Manual adjustment to schedule profile
  • Option to issue Curtailment or Adjustment e-Tag request
  • Inadvertent calculation based on meter data input into the system
  • Create custom interchange summations using various attributes from the e-Tag or schedule
  • Event alarming
  • Audit Trail
  • Operator log and schedule notes

Real Benefits for Real-Time Operations
For real-time operations, OATI webTrans Scheduling provides complete management of schedules and net interchange as e-Tags are created and changed during the hour. It also gives users easy access to company-defined interchange and reports.