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The Authoritative BA Scheduling Software

Balancing Authorities can count on OATI for complete solutions to handle their scheduling and data needs. OATI webTrans Scheduling is a comprehensive e-Tagging-based scheduling solution that integrates with OATI webSmartTag, offering:

  • 24-hour scheduling nets
  • Comprehensive ramp integration
  • Minute-by-minute net-schedule interchange profiles to drive AGC
  • Fast updates based on changes to e-Tags — including curtailments and adjustments to ensure real-time accuracy with the rest of the interconnection
  • Convenient checkout on multiple timeframes
  • Inadvertent calculations

Real Benefits for Real-Time Operations

For real-time operations, OATI webTrans Scheduling provides complete management of schedules and net interchange as e-Tags are adjusted during the hour. It also gives users easy access to user-defined calculations and reports.