Track and Monitor NERC Standards

Meeting both NERC Standards and regional reliability Standards is challenging and demanding, but staying compliant doesn’t have to be. OATI webCompliance assists organizations in meeting these rigorous mandates. OATI webCompliance is a complete tracking system for compliance activities and internal controls to help entities comply with rigorous NERC and regional reliability Standards. 

OATI webCompliance helps build and demonstrate a strong internal compliance program, and users logging in with their digital certificate provides authentication of their OATI webCompliance data.

As the top-selling NERC compliance solution, OATI webCompliance provides a complete tracking system pre-loaded with all NERC and regional reliability Standards and annual NERC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Programs (CMEP), as well as automatic updates so users can manage, change, and eliminate compliance shortcomings.

OATI webCompliance customers include entities from every NERC region (FRCC, MRO, NPCC, RFC, SERC, SPP, TRE, and WECC), as well as Canadian entities.


Managing of NERC Reliability Standards Compliance and Reporting

Managing and reporting deadlines, updating registration data, and processing alleged or confirmed violations is complicated. OATI webCDMS provides a user-friendly toolset that simplifies the process of adhering to NERC programs and standards.

OATI webCDMS (Compliance Data Management System) allows both regional entities and registered entities to facilitate compliance activities identified in the NERC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP). OATI webCDMS provides the ability to track processes and tasks performed by regional and registered entities, so that a registered entity’s compliance objectives align with the standards and requirements of the NERC Annual Implementation Plan.