Best-in-Class Physical and Cyber Security Controls

OATI webCARES is OATI’s proprietary and wholly managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority (CA). OATI webCARES is hosted in the OATI Cloud Infrastructure, where it benefits from unparalleled availability and redundancy. OATI webCARES undergoes third party audits annually.
The OATI Cloud Infrastructure provides unparalleled redundancy, ensuring the highest possible system availability, including:

  • Geographically diverse sites, with full load balancing and synchronous data replication
  • Monthly inter-site transfer drills to ensure business continuity
  • Information compartmentalized for increased security and reliability
  • Plus many more features

Security of the PKI, both physical and virtual, is critical for both the reliability and trust inherent in CA operations. OATI employs a layered and comprehensive security approach with no single point of protection. OATI webCARES relies on best-in-class physical and cyber security controls.