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Top Content for Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM)

The success of the Western EIM has continued to attract entities across the Western Interconnection extending south to Mexico and north into Canada. For many Balancing Authorities (BAs), the learning curve is very stiff. That is why OATI has curated its top content to make this search for knowledge seamless.

December 29 , 2017 Read More

A Bright Future for Western EIM Entities

The publication of Western EIM Q3 benefits report shows a wholesale power market that is stable, highly successful, and exceedingly beneficial to all its stakeholders and the society at large.

December 26 , 2017 Read More

Achieve Sustainable Growth with a Robust Western EIM Software

Western EIM entities and other market participants need a benefits-driven solution that is built to seamlessly respond to present and future industry challenges whether driven by the increasing adoption of renewable resources, the explosion of IoTs at the grid-edge, and/or the expansion of the EIM.

November 22 , 2017 Read More

Achieving Operational Optimization in the Western EIM

Mehdi describes how to achieve operational optimization in the Western EIM by showing how OATI flagship software solution, webEIM, is helping the different market participants achieve their business objectives.

November 16 , 2017 Read More

Benefits-Driven Energy Market Management Software for BAs.

Without an advanced energy market management software, a balancing authority—especially one participating in the Western Energy Imbalance Market—is likely going to fail.

November 9 , 2017 Read More

Simplify Data Exchange with External Systems

External system guidelines and regulations shift, entities are burdened with sending, monitoring, and updating their outage data to coordinate with external systems. Outage Management Systems simplify this process to facilitate ease of data synchronization.

September 19 , 2017 Read More

Maximizing Generation Fleet Profitability

The ability to run a profitable power generation business means much more than maximizing capacity output from a generation fleet. It demands best-in-class generation planning and a bid-to-bill enterprise software solution to minimize generation costs and maximize profits.

July 25 , 2017 Read More

Meeting the Obligation to Serve in Era of Rising Temperatures

As utilities prepare for summer, and the subsequent rising temperature, it is important that both bulk power and distribution system operators have the advanced technologies that give them the ability to forecast, perform advanced demand response management, and more, to make sure they can meet their service obligations to customers. 

July 11 , 2017 Read More

Transmission Management in an Evolving Electricity Ecosystem

Whether it is managing congestion, taking advantage of competitive power prices, or navigating scheduling power around outages or unusable lines, it is increasingly apparent that a changing transmission landscape demands sophisticated management and pricing tools.

June 26 , 2017 Read More

Master Compliance RSAW Reporting in Six Simple Steps

Mastering compliance tracking is no easy feat. To help, NERC has developed a series of Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets (RSAW) to manage and track the process. Here are six key steps to help you master compliance tracking using the RSAWs.

June 21 , 2017 Read More

Top 4 Outage Management System Headaches and How to Solve Them

Outage coordinators need the support of a sophisticated Outage Management System to ensure that lines of communication stay open and that any potential risks don’t go unnoticed. Today we’re sharing the four major system headaches almost every outage coordinator faces, along with some practical solutions.

April 18 , 2017 Read More

Western EIM Delivers Major Benefits

As we head in to 2017, and start to see 2016 year-end reporting from major industry entities, it is clear to see that the western Energy Imbalance Market is delivering major benefits to its participants.

March 20 , 2017 Read More

Tips and Tricks for GADS Data Reporting

As you work towards completing data submittals, here are some tips and tricks to help you streamline the process:

February 20 , 2017 Read More

Key Components of California Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Greenhouse Gas compliance is integral to the energy business in California, but for many aspiring EIM Market Participants navigating these regulations can seem daunting. To get you started, here are some of the key components of these regulations.

September 7 , 2016 Read More

Navigating Western-EIM Standard Operating Procedures

Those looking to participate in the western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) must master its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in order to navigate the market successfully. Here’s why:

July 22 , 2016 Read More

Top 5 Things to Consider When Evaluating an Outage Management System

Looking to upgrade your Outage Management System? Here are the top five things utilities should consider when evaluating an OMS.

June 21 , 2016 Read More