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Responsibilities of Credit Risk Management Pt. 2

In the second installment of his Credit Risk Management blog series, OATI Account Executive Jacob Cain delves into identifying, quantifying, monitoring, and mitigating credit risk, as well as how our CTRM solution benefits your business operations.

November 19 , 2018 Read More

The Value of Automation in Power Trading

How much is time and effort worth in the energy trading industry? OATI shares the value of automation in a power trading software solution.

November 15 , 2018 Read More

Learn About all the Elements Your Trading System Needs

Every trading operation is unique in its own way and requires its own respective set of elements. OATI’s Periodic Table of ETRM Functionality showcases all the essential elements pivotal for your trading system that will enable you to maximize business operations.

November 13 , 2018 Read More

How to Compete in the Commodity Trading Market

Some trading entities must rely on several vendor systems to compete in the commodity trading market, effectively complicating matters. In this blog post, learn how OATI’s commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solutions tailor to entities’ needs and streamline operations.

November 6 , 2018 Read More

The Challenges of Managing Brokerage Accounts

Competing in the commodity trading market is not easy, but an effective Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) solution can help. In this blog, OATI Vice President of Sales Ron Larson explains the problems that arise in managing brokerage accounts and how traders can overcome them.

October 25 , 2018 Read More

Revolutionizing Settlements: How an Integrated Physical Trading and Scheduling Solution Can Change Everything

Physical trading and scheduling in the energy field can be complicated. Simplify it! Account Executive Kim Fogt weighs in on webTrader Power, an OATI solution that efficiently integrates physical trading and scheduling for powerful results.

October 2 , 2018 Read More

Traditional vs New: Commodity Trading & Risk Management Solutions

The business world and the technologies a business uses changes and adapts quickly, and it only makes sense that their Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) solution should do the same. In today’s blog, we compare traditional legacy Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) solutions and new solution platforms.

September 18 , 2018 Read More

The Savvy Procurement Team’s Guide to ETRM/CTRM Systems

As OATI’s customers continue to work together to transform the business of energy, we are excited for the future of our industry and look forward to introducing our best-in-class ETRM/CTRM solutions and guide entitled, “The Savvy Procurement Team’s Guide to ETRM/CTRM Systems.”

August 29 , 2018 Read More

The Importance of Credit Risk Management

As the energy business landscape grows increasingly complex, industry leaders continually seek robust Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) systems. Read our newest blog from OATI Account Executive Jacob Cain to see what a proper CTRM system can do for your business.

August 23 , 2018 Read More

Enhance Internal Controls through Technology

What are the key elements to success in an organization? Ron Larson, OATI Vice President, discusses the importance of internal controls and how they can be enhanced through the use of technology.

July 26 , 2018 Read More

Overcoming Complexity in Measuring an Energy Utility Enterprise’s Financial Risk Pt. 2

In his second installment of this blog series, Geoff Anato-Mensah from OATI discusses a commercially viable and operationally meaningful way to measure enterprise-wide financial risk for an energy utility. 

April 17 , 2018 Read More

Identifying and Understanding Complexity in Measuring an Energy Utility Enterprise’s Financial Risk Pt. 1

Quantifying financial risks for utility enterprises can be a difficult prospect, especially in the midst of constant change with routine operational activities. What type of financial risk assessment is appropriate and gives energy utilities a fighting chance to effectively measure and manage their corporate financial objectives?

March 19 , 2018 Read More

What is the Value of Using Software-as-a-Service?

Many companies are turning to cloud-based systems for their Commodity Trading and Risk Management needs, while others are reluctant about Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It’s time to end this debate. Private Cloud SaaS is a secure, efficient and effective way to do business, with benefits ranging from added support to lower costs.

December 5 , 2017 Read More

Our Top 5 Pieces of Content for Energy Trading Teams

Whether you're considering transitioning from multiple vendor solutions to a single vendor solution or just want to see what’s new in the commodity trading software world, today we’re sharing our top five pieces of content for energy trading teams.

March 29 , 2017 Read More

Seven Types of Risk Analysis Every Energy Trader Should Know

For most energy traders, thinking about risk is the very opposite of fun. We’re sharing seven types of risk analysis every trader needs to know to protect their portfolio from the downside of energy trading.

March 9 , 2017 Read More

Energy Trading in 2017 – Are You Prepared?

An investment in advanced commodity and energy trading software that has built-in forecasting functionalities, a full suite of risk management features, and is responsive to regulatory changes will help ensure that utilities can not only survive, but thrive in 2017.

January 11 , 2017 Read More

Energy Market Participants Need to Stress Test Their Market Exposures

Current technology trends make it possible for next generation energy trading software systems to be powered by user-friendly solutions for effective stress testing programs. Learn more in today’s blog post:

November 21 , 2016 Read More

Commodity Technology Advisory Survey Summary

CTRM systems represent a significant investment for any organization, which is why Commodity Technology Advisory recently conducted a survey of a number of their clients to gather end-users perceptions of CTRM vendors and products. Read our thoughts on OATI’s rankings:

August 24 , 2016 Read More

Single Vendor Value Overview

Entities using software solutions from multiple vendors to manage Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (ETRM/CTRM) face several challenges. Learn how to easily mitigate or eliminate these challenges by streamlining business operations with a single vendor system.

June 16 , 2016 Read More

The Ins and Outs of Managing Financial Risks for Electric Utility Market Participants

The ultimate goal of any utility is to reliably offer its customers the lowest, or most competitive, electricity rates, but achieving this goal can be a challenge. Future management and/or mitigation of financial risk will require creative use of available hedging tools to achieve low rates for utility customers.

May 23 , 2016 Read More