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Blog   Mexico Wholesale Energy Market

E3C Discusses the Current Mexico Energy Market

With four years under its belt, the Mexico Energy Market is working to meet its challenges and maximize their opportunities. OATI recently had the chance to meet with E3C, a new independent energy provider start-up, and discuss the current state of the Mexico Energy Market.  

June 14 , 2018 Read More

Microgrids in Mexico

Microgrids are proving to be a critical source of reliable, resilient, and cost-efficient power and as natural disasters impact Mexico. This innovative technology can help keep critical facilities open during power outages.

November 10 , 2017 Read More

Top Four Things to Watch for in the Mexico Electricity Market in 2017

Changes in the Mexico Electricity Market come with many opportunities and some challenges. We are highlighting the top four things to watch for in 2017.

January 18 , 2017 Read More

How Has Mexico Energy Reform Changed the Market?

In only three years, Mexico Energy Reform has fundamentally changed the Mexican electricity industry and the newly formed Mercado Eléctrico Mayorista is already bearing fruits. While Mexico Energy Reform is impacting many aspects of the market, changes can be seen most prominently in the following areas.

August 2 , 2016 Read More

How Energy Reform Is Impacting Mexico’s Gas-Power Industry

Mexico’s Energy Reform gives providers the opportunity to expand and grow their business by participating in the newly formed Mexico Energy Market. Sheldan Perry, Manager of Gas Systems at OATI, provides insight on what this will mean for the future of the Mexico gas market. 

May 5 , 2016 Read More

Six Challenges to Prepare for When Navigating the Mexico Energy Market

As energy reform in Mexico shifts the market from public to private, providers will have an opportunity to expand and grow their business. While the shift from a public to private market is exciting, it isn’t without its obstacles. Make sure you are prepared to tackle these six challenges.

May 3 , 2016 Read More