Smart Energy

Optimized Scheduling & Dispatch of Distribution Resources

Increasingly, utilities are struggling to deal with the challenges of managing the optimal scheduling and dispatch of a resource portfolio that includes demand-side assets, distributed energy resources, and variable generation. OATI webDispatch is a state-of-the-art optimal dispatch application that incorporates conventional generation, Demand Response (DR), Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and callable trades to meet system demands and reserves requirements in day-ahead and real-time timeframes, while allowing for the impact of Variable Energy Resources (VER). By considering VER forecasts, incorporating dispatchable DR/DER capabilities, including storage and generation resources, along with conventional resources, and using detailed modeling of operational requirements and constraints, OATI webDispatch is an invaluable tool for utilities faced with the scheduling and operational challenges that come with a resource-diverse portfolio.
OATI webDispatch seamlessly integrates with other OATI retail and bulk-power products, including OATI webDistributeLMP Forecaster, and OATI webTrader. It also provides industry-standard interfaces with Automatic Generation Control (AGC), SCADA, and other control center systems.