Smart Energy

Actionable Intelligence for Meter Data

OATI webMeter is a comprehensive Meter Data Management System (MDMS) with extensive capabilities for meter data Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE), baseline computation, retail billing support, and billing-determinant computations for customer and market settlements. OATI webMeter manages revenue metering and telemetry data from various Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) devices, Commercial and Industrial (C&I) meters, and SCADA sources, for utilities of all sizes.
OATI webMeter goes beyond conventional MDMS functionality with full support for:

  • Interval readings
  • Time-based aggregation
  • Handling event-based data such as last-gasp and remote disconnect signals
  • Handling non-consumption-based data such as voltage measurements
  • Managing data associated with the meter assets, meter configuration, and communication data links