Smart Energy

Friendly Customer Engagement

OATI webSmartView is a web-based and smartphone-enabled customer-engagement portal that enables end-users to view their energy usage information, manage their energy consumption consistent with the Green Button recommendations, and engage in demand-side management programs. OATI webSmartView provides transparency, enables customer choice, and helps build customer loyalty. It empowers customers to make more informed decisions about their energy use and presents them with opportunities to manage their usage profiles and energy costs. It also provides customers with billing and settlement information, Demand Response (DR) alerts, energy usage alerts, and the ability to select and opt in or out of DR programs and events.
OATI webSmartView and OATI webSmartView Mobile share a common backend platform that provides secure integration with an organization’s source data, user authentication, and secure access to user-specific data. OATI webSmartView also provides utility-facing capabilities for data management, system administration, system maintenance, and customer inquiry support.