Top Content for Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM)

One major differentiator of OATI within the energy industry is our ability to attract and retain the best engineers in the business. This advantage transcends all its business channels and is especially visible with its Western EIM solution. OATI experts used their combined experience from helping CAISO design the technological framework of the Western EIM, and lessons learned from previous EIM implementations to develop webEIM, OATI’s flagship Western EIM software solution.

More importantly, and especially for prospective EIM participants, our experts have used their knowledge of the EIM to provide a wide range of resources from videos, workshops, blog posts, solution briefs, e-books, etc., to help Balancing Authorities (BAs) looking to join the EIM make informed decisions. OATI has curated our top content here for you.

E-Book: Navigating Western-EIM Standard Operating Procedures
Are you curious about the different processes and timelines that help Market Participants successfully meet their day-to-day obligations, either as participating entities or non-participating entities within the EIM? Get your copy of this informative e-Book today.

Video Series: Harnessing Western EIM Benefits for a Sustainable Energy Future
Would you rather have one of our experts break the complexity of the Western EIM, and provide a step-by-step explanation of how this market will help you meet and exceed your business goals? Then our video series is right for you. 

Infographic: See the Forces that Drive the Western EIM
Enhance your understanding of how the CAISO EIM works to deliver amazing benefits. This realistic presentation clearly explains the different players, their roles and responsibilities, as well as the complex automated processes that balance load demand and forecasted supply with least-cost resources. Get your copy of the infographic today.

Case Study: Learn why betting on the Western EIM is a sound business strategy
With the cumulative total EIM benefits now a staggering $254.98 million, it seems this Real-Time Market (RTM) is a boom to the region. This huge success by Market Participants like NV Energy demonstrates the power of advanced automation and the intrinsic value of choosing and deploying state-of-the-art-software to optimize Market Operations. Want to get the full success story? Download your copy of the NV Energy case study today.

More information about the OATI Western EIM software solution can be found here. You can also read our blog post about the Western EIM and related information here.