Still Think OATI Only Provides e-Tagging?

Recently, a customer told me that while searching for an Outage Management System (OMS) solution on our website, she was shocked to find just how much OATI has to offer. “I thought you only provided e-Tagging!” she said, and while it is true that we have maintained a 98 percent market share for our reliable e-Tagging service (to review the components of this service, please see diagram), that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The customer requested demos of our Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (ETRM/CTRM) solutions and learned how she could streamline business operations and support forward trading with help from OATI. To prevent further misconceptions and missed opportunities, it is important those involved in Merchant Trading, such as traders and managers, understand the value of our ETRM/CTRM suite of applications.

For power marketers, merchant utility groups, and generation operators looking for a web-based trading system that boosts efficiency in the trading process, our physical power trading software solution prevents data entry duplication, ensures data is secure, and gives real-time position reporting. These same individuals can utilize OATI’s natural gas trading solution to effectively manage gas trades and powerplant gas burn with a real-time scheduler display.

Our configurable web-based Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) trading and shadow settlement system is integrated with our physical power trading solution to provide North American RTO market participants the strategies they need to actively compete in the market, manage risk, and adhere to regulations.

OATI’s comprehensive commodity trading risk management software solution promotes forward trading and supports customers to control every aspect of trading by calculating real-time Mark-to-Market (MTM) and Profit & Loss (P&L) statements, complying with financial regulator changes, and more.

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About the Author:
Mr. Alex Battistessa has over 19 years of experience in the Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) industry delivering software solutions to utility customers across North America. Throughout his career, he has held a variety of technical, implementation, program management, sales, and general management roles. As an OATI Account Executive, he develops strategic recommendations with respect to a client’s ETRM business needs.