OATI Provides Single DERMS Solution for Any Demanding Environment

The 39th Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) Conference convened in Minneapolis on May 13 -15, 2019, bringing in industry professionals from all over the world to share expertise in load management. This year, OATI joined the conversation as Silver Sponsorship members. 

By creating a peer-to-peer discussion, industry leaders foster a collaborative environment in which to share knowledge and experience to better serve energy stakeholders. Matt Kiesow and Walter Kalsow of OATI, along with Jason Grenier from Otter Tail Power, presented the details from their study which tested the capabilities of flexible water heaters (CTA-2045 & LCS) and system software applications with energy market products. The project includes a full DERMS solution deployment, integrated field assets, and a real-time algorithm that is capable of regulation speed control and measurement. 

Kiesow, Kalsow, and Grenier focused on the real-world applications of OATI technology to test scalability and increase energy efficiency. The project design included data collection and analysis during control events that rigorously tested the capability of their mass water heater station. Their testing illustrated the capability of interconnected DERs, in this case, a fleet of water heaters to follow a market’s regulation signal. This way, evaluation and successful control, in even the most demanding conditions, exhibited success in all levels of market services. And it was achieved through a single DERMS solution. 

This study was designed to drive market innovation through new technical solutions and product offerings. In order to propel market changes, Kiesow, Kalsow, and Grenier challenged the existing market expectations for capability, thereby increasing expected functionality. By providing secure communication to end assets and precise controlling, monitoring, and dispatching of assets at a rate as fast as four seconds round trip, operators can easily manipulate the load as required for load shifting and load shaping. This still provides standard demand response, but with even greater customer satisfaction and customer comfort guaranteed. 

A special thank you to PLMA for the opportunity to share our findings and discuss our integrated DERMS solutions with all attendees!

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