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The Importance of Advanced Data Analytic Frameworks for Load and DER Forecasting

The adoption of advanced metering infrastructure and the emergence of communicating sensors, smart devices, and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), have enabled the power industry to collect ever increasing amounts of data consistently. The data collected from meters, sensors, and resources provide valuable insights on demand patterns, system conditions, resource operations, and other information needed to enhance system efficiency and reliability. Big Data technologies and advanced analytics tools play a crucial role in managing, analyzing, and utilizing the data.

At the same time, the industry is observing changes in load patterns due to rooftop solar generation, energy efficiency, and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Conventional load forecasting techniques for planning and operations are limited in their ability to accurately forecast demand, especially in areas with high PV/DER penetration.

Advanced Data Analytic Frameworks Can Help
An advanced data analytic framework is a set of software tools and services applications can use to manage large volumes of data, perform various analyses, and support their business intelligence needs. Such frameworks should provide ETL tools to bring data from different sources, a data store to efficiently store data, and advanced data analytics tools for analysis. The framework should also provide visualization to view the results as well as common services to support integration and external data feeds, e.g., weather services.

The Athena framework utilizes advanced data analytics, modeling, and machine learning techniques to address the needs of the power industry. Coupled with advanced applications Athena, can  be specifically helpful in forecasting net-load, PV Generation, DER operation, and gross demand at various aggregation levels from customer premises, to circuit level, and up to the system level, as well as being suited for forecasting applications at large commercial and industrial sites. With the emergence of DERs and grid services, the Athena framework and the OATI Gryphin platform have become invaluable additions for operational planning and system operations.

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About the Author:
Dr. Ali Ipakchi brings close to five decades of experience in information technology applications to power systems, energy markets, and electric utility operations. As the Executive Vice President Smart Grid and Green Power at Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI), he is responsible for product development, as well as business growth in Distribution Grid Modernization and Smart Grid areas. Prior to OATI, Dr. Ipakchi was Vice President of Integration Services at a leading Consulting firm, assisting utility clients with roadmaps, specifications, and implementation strategies for operational and automation systems, particularly in the Smart Grid area. He has also held various management positions at leading power systems vendors, supporting power application development, and solutions delivery to the power industry and the ISO markets. Dr. Ipakchi has led several new business-lines and corporate development initiatives in response to changing power industry requirements while managing product development and solutions delivery teams. He is a co-holder of several U.S. patents on power systems and instrument diagnostics.