Simplify Western EIM Complexities with a Complete Market Solution

The considerable growth of the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) comes with opportunities and challenges for stakeholders within the Western Interconnection. For merchant generators geographically located within a Balancing Area Authority (BAA) that are participating or planning to participate in the Western EIM, it is a great opportunity to maximize profits and minimize costs.

In order to successfully participate in the market, merchant generators need a technology partner that understands the sophisticated nature of EIM operations, has the capability to automate time-sensitive interactions with the market, and can track supply and demand with greater precision.

OATI’s fully integrated EIM solution for merchant generators is a one-stop-shop capable of streamlining the entire range of market interactions from initial base schedule submissions and smart bids to aftermarket operations and shadow settlements. The solution simplifies the complexities surrounding the EIM and makes participation highly successful and stress-free.

To get in-depth knowledge of the functional benefits of OATI’s EIM solution for merchant generators, request your copy of the solution brief here or email Sales@oati.net with any questions.