Gulf Coast Power Association


OATI Presents Solutions at Gulf Coast Power Association (GCPA)

With its highly diversified membership of more than 120 corporate members and 300 individual members, the Gulf Coast Power Association (GCPA) has served Texas and the Gulf Coast for more than 30 years as a regional electric power trade organization. This organization is dedicated to promoting improved understandings of the issues and opportunities impacting contemporary power markets.

Are you looking for innovative solutions that will transform and optimize your day-to-day operations at the GCPA 2018 Spring Conference? Here’s a breakdown of two of our product suites that will be featured at the event:

Energy Trading & Risk Management Solutions 

OATI solutions are here to enhance your business, and our Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solutions such as webCTRM and webTrader are highly secure platforms for energy products and trading. Our software secures all traits of a business deal, including trading, risk management, processing, logistics, accounting, physical power trading and scheduling. 

OATI’s Energy and Commodity Trading solution suite provides highly integrated transaction capture, complex deal management, and more. Our solutions form a complete front-to-back office energy trading and risk management ecosystem that allows businesses to focus on the strategic financial and physical aspects of trading. This unique cross-commodity platform allows for a single-solution deployment, maximizing your operational efficiency and profits. 

As an all-in-one Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software, OATI webCTRM gives traders the tools they need to keep up with the demanding pace of energy and commodity trading. This benefits-driven, best-in-class CTRM system supports forward trading and is designed specifically to help the front office make money while keeping the back office balanced.
Smart Energy Solutions

For smart energy solutions, OATI’s webSmartEnergy provides the scalability, performance, and security needed to support higher penetrations of Smart Grid functionality, while fully integrating with field equipment, operations, and enterprise systems for end-to-end functionality. 

OATI’s webSmartEnergy Demand Response Management System (DRMS) provides the platform and applications needed to improve power system reliability, economics and environmental compliance by integrating Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) with power system and energy market operations. 

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