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Our Top 5 Pieces of Content for Energy Trading Teams

Whether you’re considering transitioning from multiple vendor solutions to a single vendor solution or just want to see what’s new in the world of Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software, today we’re sharing our top five pieces of content for energy trading teams.

1. CTRM + Physical Power Video

Having physical power components built into your CTRM solution is priceless. Unfortunately, many CTRM solutions aren’t designed with physical energy trading in mind and don’t always have these components included. In this video, we explore how OATI webCTRM’s ability to have all commodities in one solution makes near real-time evaluation and reporting easier.

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2. Arizona Public Service (APS) Case Study

If you’re worried about your CTRM software’s ability to meet never-ending regulatory changes and technological upgrades, the APS case study can provide some valuable insight. In the case study, you’ll discover how OATI webCTRM has transformed their entire operation, from automating compliance and upgrades to optimizing trade-capture and e-Tagging. 

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3. Seven Types of Risk Analysis Every Energy Trader Should Know

For most energy traders, thinking about risk is the exact opposite of fun, but energy traders should care about market risk, credit risk, and regulatory risk—while management ensures that appropriate risk control measures are in place to rein in trader behavior. With these goals in mind, we shared seven types of risk analysis executive management must demand and every trader needs to know to protect against trading losses.

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4. The Savvy Procurement Team’s Guide to ETRM/CTRM Systems

Through frequent interactions with our customers, we’ve been able to develop a thorough understanding of the types of questions that are important to ask ETRM/CTRM vendors. With this guide, we’ll help ensure you don’t miss the important questions that could make or break your ability to choose the best solution to meet your needs.

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5. Single Vendor Value Overview

Entities using software solutions from multiple vendors to manage energy and commodity trading and risk management face several challenges, including complicated implementation and upgrades, poor customer service results, as well as a lack of access to real-time data and comprehensive reporting. By streamlining their business operations with a single vendor system, these entities can easily mitigate or eliminate these challenges.

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