single vendor value


Single Vendor Value Overview

Entities using software solutions from multiple vendors to manage Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (ETRM/CTRM) face several challenges, including complicated implementation and upgrades, poor customer service results, as well as a lack of access to real-time data and comprehensive reporting. By streamlining their business operations with a single vendor system, these entities can easily mitigate or eliminate these challenges.
Complete Integration
With a single vendor solution, entities don’t have to worry about the ability of two different systems to talk to each other. Through the system, entities are able to streamline operations and eliminate the need for spreadsheets, macros, or other cumbersome and costly workarounds. Beware of multiple vendor solutions that claim they can accomplish the same level of integration through an “alliance” with another vendor. At the end of the day, you are still dealing with more than one vendor.
Coordinated Development
Development/upgrades are seamless when there is only one vendor dealing with all aspects of a solution. There’s no need to re-write and test the interfaces of disparate systems because each system takes into account its effect on the other. A new upgrade on one system will never break the other system. This provides an immense benefit to both the organization’s users and their IT staff.
Single Point of Contact
Don’t get stuck in the middle of two vendors who blame each other when something goes wrong. With a single vendor solution, entities know exactly who they can turn to during a crisis and can expect a quick resolution from a single, trusted source.
Native to Energy
Having a single vendor that knows your business inside and out is extremely beneficial. The energy market is OATI’s niche, and we understand this segment better than any other vendor in the market. With OATI energy trading software solutions, there’s never a need to make your energy data (including physical power and natural gas) fit into a solution that isn’t designed to handle it.
As you can see, a single vendor solution is a great option for entities looking to overcome the challenges they are facing with multiple vendor solutions. With a single vendor solution, they will be able to say “Goodbye!” to complicated implementation and upgrades, poor customer service results, and a lack of access to real time data and comprehensive reporting.
About the author:
Salah Khuhro has more than 15 years of experience in the ETRM/CTRM industry. As Associate Vice President of Sales at OATI, Mr. Khuhro oversees OATI’s strategy to provide optimal ETRM and CTRM solutions to investment banks, power marketers, Independent Power Producers (IPPs), and hedge funds. His experience in Commodity Trading, Scheduling, Risk Management, and Settlements allows him to develop strategic recommendations with respect to a client’s ETRM and CTRM business needs. Mr. Khuhro received his BA in International Business from Eckerd College and his MBA from the University of South Florida.