OATI Marks Attendance at Maui Energy Conference

The Maui Energy Conference & Exhibition, March 14 – 15, 2018 at the Maui Arts & Culture Center, was a great opportunity for OATI and other energy leaders to meet and discuss how we can better serve customers in today’s rapidly changing power generation and delivery environment.

Here’s a quick recap of the highlights of the Maui Energy Conference & Exhibition:

Decarbonization: A Business Opportunity for Innovative Communities
This year’s Maui Energy Conference & Exhibition marked the tenth Anniversary of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative. This year’s theme focused on how decarbonization has presented innovative communities with new business opportunities and how that helps toward 100% RPS. The conference also explored a wide range of possibilities, including mandatory and voluntary options for reducing carbon and what a decarbonized grid looks like.

The conference also provided utility models for reaching carbon reduction goals, how agriculture contributes to the carbon reduction strategy, and ways to curtail emissions of carbon in the transportation sector.

A Valuable Experience
OATI is proud to have attended the Maui Energy Conference and Exhibition. During this event, we were able to discuss our recent partnership with Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) and share the results of our successful pilot project on regulation reserves. OATI staff enjoyed learning more about the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative during multiple panel presentations.

OATI looks forward to next year’s Maui Energy Conference & Exhibition to continue discussing groundbreaking ideas that will revolutionize the energy industry and better serve customers. If you would like more information about the Maui Energy Conference & Exhibition, please contact us.