Delivering Customer Satisfaction & Excellence in Service

What makes 2017 a memorable year for OATI is the cumulative feedback we received from our customers across the industry. To end a year with a customer satisfaction score index at the highest levels in history is pretty significant. Given the markets we operate in, and the advanced solutions we have developed and deployed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, getting this great feedback is a reflection of the intense efforts and hard work of everyone at OATI.

One of the noticeable changes about 2017 is that many of the goals we have been working on for years — achieving product stability and exceptional quality, gaining deep customer appreciation, etc. — have become a cornerstone of our business. Establishing robust systems and gaining our customers’ trust provides us with a solid foundation that will allow OATI to build on for many years to come. As we look forward to 2018, it is very gratifying to know that the OATI brand — built on our strategic commitment to forge customer satisfaction into every fabric of our business processes — from administrative services through product development, project implementations, and ongoing customer support — is being lived daily.

We have very satisfied and happy customers, who, because of the solid foundation we have built with them over the years, are adding functionalities, products, and brand new solutions on top of what they already have. It’s an acknowledgement of the hard work that our staff have done to get us to this point; where we have solid, stable, happy, satisfied customers that are saying to us: “I want to add more.” What a great trend to have! I cannot say thank you enough to all customers for that trust, and to the OATI staff  for their hard work and dedication to always putting our customers at the center of every day-to-day task.
As we look into the future, the success of OATI and the partnerships that OATI has developed with customers rely on the company and staff ensuring customers are continually getting the best value. This is going to be a huge asset as we work on providing leadership on the present and future challenges facing the energy and gas industries that we currently operate in.
Something that makes me super excited is the dream of being a company with solid products and trusting customers that are excited to partner with us. The second aspect of my excitement is in what we are seeing in the Smart Grid side of the business. There’s a huge shift in customer appreciation and recognition of the value of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to a utility as well as their challenges.
We are seeing input from two distinct areas. One area is directly from the customers and the other is from research firms/consultants who are saying that more and more Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) is being focused on increasing reliability, DERs and microgrids development. OATI is excited about this because this focus on microgrids, or what we call—the “DER evolution,” and continuation — is a huge part of grid modernization. This is especially important to us because we have robust solutions that have been designed to match extremely well with the needs we are witnessing and the trends that are coming.
In addition, when we look at the evolution that is happening, what further makes it significant is the general understanding that it is good for the environment, our customers, and end-users: a win-win for all involved. Making the earth greener and more sustainable is no longer hype. It is good business. Therefore, we are excited to have the capabilities that are helping facilitate this change, while helping our customers integrate DERs reliably.
In essence, we have become huge enablers in this changing marketplace, because, in most respects, we are vendor agnostic. This is something that we are proud of. We are not out there asking customers to “buy this battery,” or “buy this solar PV,” or this brand of asset. What we have developed is a best-in-class technology platform — an enabler — that is capable of integrating the different brands of DERs and other emerging assets.
Our webSmartEnergy® DERMS solution is unique in its capability to integrate and interact with different systems and different programs. Our vendor agnosticism means that whatever is in a customer’s portfolio does not hinder or impede OATI’s ability to deploy its solutions. OATI has the flexibility and scalability to integrate and work with diverse legacy systems. This is very unique in the industry. Given this ease of integration, our Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS), therefore, has the comprehensive capabilities that our customers need to control and manage the DERs on their networks.
With significant customer trust, robust products, knowledgeable staff, and forward-looking technology platforms, OATI is excited about 2018 and the years ahead. So, if you are facing grid-related challenges, don’t go at them alone. Reach out to OATI and we’ll figure them out together. That is how many of the partnerships with our customers are born. OATI is here to help.

About the Author:
Jerry Dempsey, Sr. Vice President – Business Development, Sales and Marketing, OATI
Mr. Jerry Dempsey has over 25 years of experience in the energy industry within trading, risk management, scheduling and logistics, demand management, grid services, and microgrid projects. Mr. Dempsey has frequent communications with numerous customers, gaining an understanding of their needs and developing solutions to meet those needs. Mr. Dempsey has worked with hundreds of customers within the energy industry to provide Smart Grid, trading, scheduling, transmission management settlements, and other such integrated solutions. Mr. Dempsey has strong business, analytical, and planning skills combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals. Mr. Dempsey is a Board Member on the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB).