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Centralized Demand Response Management Systems and Data Privacy

When it comes to harnessing DR from their Distribution Member Cooperatives, G&Ts have an interest in protecting the privacy of the Personally Identifiable Information of their member co-op end consumers. OATI shares information on data privacy and centralized demand response management systems.

April 25 , 2017 Read More

Understanding the Alleged Russian Hacking of Vermont Utility

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the alleged Russian hack on Vermont utility Burlington Electric Department. OATI took this story very seriously and, in accordance with our security policies and procedures, immediately investigated the report to determine what, if any, action OATI must take. 

January 10 , 2017 Read More

How Microgrids Can Improve Grid Security

OATI’s Terry Mohn, Executive Consultant of Microgrid Business Development, and Jerrod Montoya, Security and Compliance Counsel, discuss how microgrids can improve grid security in our latest blog post:

October 31 , 2016 Read More

Ensuring the Cybersecurity of Cloud Solutions

Many companies are turning to cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to manage everything from ETRM/CTRM to CVR. While these solutions afford many benefits, they can also expose your organization to increased security risks without proper execution. Here are some things to consider before purchasing:

August 29 , 2016 Read More